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Area: North SeaWebsite: yes

North Sea / Swedish Westcoast 
Sun, May 6, 2012 to Sun, September 30, 2012 
47 € per day (330 €/week) per person [147 days] plus boat kitty 
Both anchoring and berthing | Relaxed sailing | Sailing experience not required | Engine used in calms | family-friendly | Smoking on deck only | Cooking together or going out | All | max. 8 participants | WWW
Life is Not The Days You Lived,But the Days You’ve Sailed !
Sail with s/y St Elmo that is one Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 51 ’ a Team Model & view our beautiful Westcoast from its correct directions "the sea”! Take with your friends or family on an experience that they late (t.w.s never ) will forget, the depending factor of Sailing farms to become HIGH… They are welcome to sail with s/y St Elmo as Malegang, Femalegang, Mixed, pensioners and Rehab-Gang & families d.v.s everyone, or why not to reserve in you alone or someone you know for a place on board on s/y St Elmo that one individual (present) for a day or two… The ship s/y St Elmo is perfect for birthdays, weddings, smaller parties Prices ! Half-day kl: 8-14 7.000 sek Full day kl: 8-20 10.000 sek Weekend Frid-Sund 20.000 sek Longweekend Thursd-Sund 24.000 sek Week Sund-Sund Early summer from 6/5-17/6 30.000 sek Mound summer 17/6-26/8 35.000 sek Partysailtrain V-29 V-30 Special Offer ! Late summer/autumn 26/8>> 30.000 sek Place on board/pers/week off-season Fr: 3.000 sek & s/y St Elmo rental is only with Skipper. For them who sails from Thursday-Sunday or Friday-Sunday or Sunday-Sunday so happens departure at 12.00 hours & bording at 16.00 hours. Bunkering of food & stuff happens entire before bording time (food and harbourcharges does not be included in the rental price).
North Sea / North Sea, Baltic Sea 
Tue, October 15, 2019 to Tue, October 22, 2019 
Free / working position [7 days] including boat kitty 
Mainly harbours or marinas | Relaxed sailing | Primarily under engine | Meals are served or going out | All | max. 2 participants | WWW
a week from France to Rostock
In 2018/2019 overhauled, new engine/propeller/WC, new sea valves with radar, AIS and 4 single and a double berth After Rochefort, Brest and Guernesey it is now the rest of the route to go to Rostock. After max. 24 hours should be called in each case a port (with overnight stay). Meeting in Dieppe / France on, dinner together in one of the excellent restaurants and - depending on the weather - we go to Belgium, Blankenberge in the marina, with accommodation there. Continue via the Dutch Channel Islands to the Kiel Canal and from there to Rostock.

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