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Italy & Malta / Italy, Sicily, Capri 
Sat, May 25, 2013 to Sat, September 28, 2013 
94 € per day (660 €/week) per person [126 days] plus boat kitty 
Both anchoring and berthing | Swimming holiday | Sightseeing | Sailing experience not required | Engine used in calms + upwind | family-friendly | Smoking on deck only | Meals are served or going out | All | max. 9 participants | WWW
Welcome to Sicily! Cruise the Islands on-board a comfortable and large sailing yacht with cuisine service. The price may vary depending on the month: 660 euro may/june 760 July/September 890 August The boat kitty is 160 euro per person: half-board (breakfast and lunch with wine), fuel, marinas etc. 2 crew members (Captain and Sicilian Chef) •Accommodation cabin with private electric toilets and shower. •Dinghy 15 hp, Air Conditioning in all cabins, Water Maker, Washing machine, Waste compactor •Snorkeling equipment, fishing equipment, Hi-Fi, TV, Hammock, Wide sunbathing areas front and back the boat and more. •Two masts for a full sails combinations (8 sails on board) including MPS (Spinnaker). •24 hours service boat/shore transfer •Our crew concierge service: all land suggestions, including restaurants, car rental, local guides and attractions and more. AEOLIAN ISLANDS Stromboli- It has a typical volcano shape, and the spectacle it offers is quite unique. At night, sailing in front of Stromboli, you can see the so-called "Sciara di fuoco" characterized by the free fall of fire lapillus in the sea; this "fire show" is simply breathtaking. Astonishingly beautiful and extremely varied, The Aeolian Islands are situated in the Tyrrhenian Sea about 25-50km north of Sicily. The seven islands of Lipari, Vulcano, Salina, Panarea, Stromboli, Alicudi and Filicudi are part of a huge 200km volcanic ridge that lie between the smoking stack of Mt Etna and the threatening mass of Vesuvius above Naples, and host one of the most active volcanoes in the world, the Stombli, famous for its normally small, but regular explosions. Named after Aeolus, god of the winds, by Greek settlers, the archipelago was designated a Unesco World Heritage S...
Italy & Malta / Pontine Islands, Flegrei Islands, Amalfi Coast, Aeolian Islands, Egadi Islands, Sicily, Sardinia, Archipelago Maddalena 
Fri, July 15, 2011 to Fri, September 30, 2011 
1171 € per day (8200 €/week) for a group with up to 4 persons [77 days] including boat kitty 
Both anchoring and berthing | Relaxed sailing | Sightseeing | Sailing experience not required | Engine used in calms | not family-friendly | Smoking on deck only | Meals are served, not going out | All | max. 4 participants | WWW
Sailing Dreams for Two on Aorangi S&S Swan 47
Sailing the Mediterranean Islands on Aorangi is like sailing into a dream. Everything is included from when you arrive at the airport of station to when you finish your holiday with us. No bringing out the wallet for marinas, diesel or food, wine or beer as it’s all on board for your arrival. This is a live on board yacht, so the atmosphere is truly "casa mia" as is the hospitality. We don’t to charters, we fulfill dreams...From the most romantic holiday for two, to great sailing adventures for up to four persons. Aorangi is truly a Swan, as she has raced with the best, and cruised for 31 years now and still looks great and ready for the next 30! Come join us for a week or even longer, and see what sailing on a Swan can do for you...
Italy & France / Korsika, Ajaccio, Maddalena Archipel, Bonifacio, Costa Smeralda 
Sat, September 21, 2013 to Sat, October 5, 2013 
114 € per day (795 €/week) per person [14 days] plus boat kitty 
Both anchoring and berthing | Relaxed sailing | Sailing experience not required | Engine used in calms + upwind | family-friendly | Smoking on deck only | Meals are served or going out | All | max. 6 participants | WWW
Corsica - Sardegna  - Late Summer Cruise
Prolongue the summer and enjoy mediterranean ambience aboard a luxury sailing catamaran. Get a full Service crewed charter - if you like be active in sailing an Navigation - or just lean back and read a book - enjoy some good wine -or have a bit of everything Cruising Area: Corsica, Ile de Beauté, "The Island of Beauty" captivates, particularly on its west coast, with numerous coves, some of which are only accessible by boat. The island is also called "Mountains of the Mediterranean". The macchia-covered slopes emanate their scent far out to sea and drop steeply towards the sea. Spectacular rock formations, pristine bays, but also vibrant cities and excursions into the history of Napoleon’s home offer an unforgettable experience. Sardinia, after Sicily the second largest island in the Mediterranean. At the narrowest point, the "Strait of Bonifacio", there are only few nautical miles between Sardinia and Corsica. Our route takes us to the National Parc of "La Maddalena Archipelaggio". The coves with turquoise green water invite to swim, dive and snorkel - even in autumn. Another highlight of this trip are the bays and harbors of the famous "Costa Smeralda".

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